02 April 2012

Growing too fast! Feb/Mar 2012

Valentine's Day. My beauties in pink!

Genevieve always has her arms and hands out...she wants to fly!

Hope is my smiley girl.

We want food...we want food!
They always pose for the camera.

All ready for a walk in our awesome jogging stroller!

At the zoo with daddy!


Time is flying by in the Bayer house. My babies are growing too fast. The older they get, the more fun they get. They are such happy girls. Lots of smiling and giggling each day.

In February both girls cut the two front bottom teeth...that was fun. Then in March, Hope got her two front top teeth...even more fun. Cutting teeth is no fun...two years of this...are you kidding me? In February they were able to begin sitting up somewhat unsupported. I would put the boppy pillows behind them to give them extra support. I decided to take away the pillows and now they are sitting up great, unsupported! No crawling yet...and that's ok. They are so busy without crawling, I can't imagine how that will change things. It's hard to keep them happy with one activity for very long, so we have tons of options at our house..tons of toys on the floor of course, books, exersaucers, jumperoo, pack-n-play, and two strollers. The warm weather in March was amazing, we were able to walk each day. The girls love the jogging stroller and walking is such a good break for me...and exercise too of course! We took a water babies class in February and realized how much the girls enjoy the water. We have a pool in our subdivision, so I really want them to get to use to the water. The class was fun for them and for us. Erik even dunked them a few times...I objected of course..but they always laughed afterwards. In March we got to take them to the zoo for the first time. Not sure how much they really looked at the animals or understood...but Erik and enjoyed it.
They are officially eating baby food. They eat mostly vegetables and we are slowly introducing fruit. So far they like all the vegetables I have prepared for them. I am enjoying making my own baby food, occasionally I buy them some packaged food as a treat. They do enjoy the Puffs. I actually found some organic puffs at Target. It's so cute to see them feed themselves the puffs...when I get the container out of the cabinet they go crazy. I think they like them!

Parenting is hard work, but I truly want God to show me the parent he wants me to be. When we were a childless couple, we often thought about our own parenting style and looked at our friends parenting styles for help in finding our own. Now I realize during our babies' first year, it's about survival and sleep. We are making decisions so that we can all survive and get sleep. You never realize how important sleep is, until your lacking. Thankfully the girls are sleeping through the night. The main reason for night waking recently is those darn teeth. Then for the last week Hope has decided to wake at 2am and roll around and get on her knees...I think she may be practicing to prepare to crawl...we shall see if these 2am sessions pay off if she crawls soon! HaHa!

Most days we have a good routine and nap schedule...and some days we don't. At times I try to figure it out and wonder if I should change the schedule or try something else, but then I remember that I can't figure it all out. Babies are humans and some days they just want to be human and not be scheduled. I am truly learning to go with the flow...as I've said in previous blog posts. I feel myself more relaxed and just following the lead they give me each day. I am able to have at least 30 minutes of quiet time each morning during the first nap...that has been so helpful for me. I make it my priority when I put them down for nap...I don't do dishes or clean anything, I sit down and dive into God's word and time with Him. That makes the day so smooth and my heart and mind are ready to face the adventures and the challenges. A few days ago my devotional specifically said - "Nothing is as important as spending time with Me"...that is so true. When I've not made that time with God a priority or skipped over it too quick I notice a huge difference in my day and my attitude. I look forward to that time each morning, a time to be renewed. I want my girls to know how important that time is as well. I always remember my mom having her time with God and working on her bible study. Thanks mom for putting God first!
The other issue I've talked about in previous posts is my control issues. God continues to teach me to release control and in a devotional a few weeks ago He got very specific with me..."In order to let go of control, you need to rest in My presence, where you are complete. As you release more and more control, remember that I never let go of your hand."

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,
Do not fear; I will help you."
Isaiah 41:13

"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord, let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before him with thanksgiving."
Psalm 95:1-2

Thank you to all my faithful friends and family who read my posts...I tend to ramble. I am trying harder to keep up with the blog monthly. I want the blog to be like a baby book for the girls. Lots of memories captured in these posts. Thanks for allowing me to share my life with all of you and thanks for loving our family.

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  1. Cameron and I are hoping to start a family soon. Hopefully we will have news to share this year! and hopefully we have a beautiful baby to share with the world early next year- i love reading all about your beautiful girls and i cannot get over how adorable they are.