21 February 2011

14 Weeks with thoughts to ponder....

Oh, I'm running to your arms, I'm running to your arms.
The riches of your love will always be enough.
Nothing compares to your embrace.
Light of the world forever reign.
(Lyrics from Forever Reign by Hillsong)

Well my 14th week of pregnancy is here and I am beginning to feel small movements from the babies. I usually feel them at night or in the morning when I am laying very still. It's amazing to feel them this early, but when all 3 move it's big. Often times I will lay in bed longer just to feel them move and talk to them. I will never get this time back with them and I enjoy each moment and praise God for these moments.

I got to visit with my cousin this weekend, she has triplets (all girls). Her triplets are 8 years old now and they are amazing kids. She shared with me memories of her pregnancy and delivery and gave me excellent tips and advice for surviving triplets. There is so much to prepare for and Erik and I are constantly working in the nursery. We want to be as ready as we can be....if that's possible. Ha ha!

Yesterday at church our pastor titled his message, "Kindness in the Church" 1 Corinthians 13:1-4b. I chewed on thoughts from this message all day long and even couldn't sleep because I was still processing. The message caused me to evaluate the kindness I show to others both in and out of the church and to look closer at the relationships in my life. The message also caused me to look back at the kindness Erik and I have been shown in the last 2-3 years as we have suffered tragic loss and now joyous blessing.

Kind= love meaning consistently and unconditionally toward the needs of others to care for them.
3 responses to a need:
1. Stay away - human fear
2. Blame Satan - spiritual immaturity
3. Move toward - godly kindness

When Erik and I suffered the death of our daughter over 2 years ago people responded to our need in many ways. Some people did stay away because it is hard to know what to say and how to help in this unique situation. But many many more people moved toward us with godly kindness. The response to our need was overwhelming kindness and love. Our church family surrounded us those first months and continued to surround us with love and compassion. We never ever felt alone. Not only did we always have God, who will never leave us or forsake us, but we had all of them.

The same remains today as we share the news of our Triplet Blessing! Our church family once again has responded with love and joy. They walked with us in this journey and lifted us up in prayer and now they are sharing in our joy. I can only imagine the amount of prayer that has been lifted up for the last 2 years on our behalf and God has answered in a BIG way! God is so good all the time in the ups and the downs of life. He's here...watch for him!

"Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart."
1 Peter 1:22

Our pastor ended the message with the following thought. Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. How will we respond to those around us today?

Blessings and Love!


  1. You are such a godly amazing beautiful woman. I'm in tears because of your humility and faith in Christ. I've only known you for a short amount of time but when I didn't have the courage to talk to you I watched from a distance and saw the care and hospitality that you put in everything. And I know that gods been watching to. You have such faith and you are such a role model to everyone I wish I had the courage to keep moving forward like you and be strong in my faith with god. I'm so happy that god has blessed you!! Because you deserve it without a doubt. I love seeing your beautiful smile and the way you glow at group and on sundays.

  2. Jamie and Erik,

    I'm so filled with joy in this huge blessing for you all! it's amazing the gifts that God gives us in every light of our lives from tragedy to come back around to a blessing you didn't expect that was possible. I pray that everything goes smoothly and His will remains. I love you and miss you both.

    Kayde Root

  3. Oh, sweetie, I am so happy that you have this blog! Being so far away from you at this special time is so very hard. At least with the blog I can keep up with all the exciting news! Your very cute, growing tummy is just proof that your little blessings are growing and healthy! Please know I will keep the prayers going, and that I love you very much!

  4. The KINDness we received when I was pregnant went beyond what I could ever imagine. In fact I didn't ever imagaine any of it. I didn't ever expect people to do the things they did and be SO outwardly giving and caring. It was overwelming to say the least. And here I sit getting emotional and teary-eyed remembering it. The outpouring is SO humbling. Words just cannot express it. I remember sitting there pregnant and crying for all the gifts we were given. Not just the physical gifts, but the gifts of time, prayer, meals, etc...the list went on and on. And there I sat pregnant thinking "I can never repay these people, EVER, for ALL of this." And that is where God humbled me and made me realize at times he plans for us to be the 'recipient' of blessings....not the giver. Being the giver can come later, that's a part of paying it forward when you are able. It's all in Gods plan. So sit back and soak in the KINDness little momma.