28 June 2011

32 Weeks!!

The LORD is my strength.
Exodus 15:2

Praise God I made it to 32 weeks! This is a huge milestone in a pregnancy with multiples. My girls can arrive in the world now and be healthy and strong....however we'd like them to wait a bit longer to get even stronger. We had another successful ultrasound yesterday and they look great. They continue to grow at a rate of 2 weeks ahead of my due date. Baby Hope is now weighing 4 lbs. 8 oz. and Baby Genevieve weighs 4 lbs. 7 oz. So I have about 9 lbs of baby in my belly. WOW! My doctor predicts that the girls will be at least 6 lbs or more if I deliver around 36 or 37 weeks. That's exciting! Then they have an even greater chance of coming home right away! Because my uterus is 40 weeks in size, I feel like I'm going to be 40 weeks pregnant forever...I'm feeling the heat and sleeping is getting difficult. But it's all worth it! I will do it knowing the end result is my girls in my arms. The waiting part is getting harder. Erik and I were just talking yesterday about how if we still had our 3 babies, if our sweet Ephraim was still with us, we would be delivering this week. That has been hard and yet another reason why waiting is getting tough. I've been emotional about it, but God is my strength and He gets me through.

I read two great devotionals this week and they encouraged me once again. On Sunday my devotional focused on prayer and believing God when we ask for something in prayer.
The author says: Unbelief continually asks, "How can this be possible?" It is always full of "how's", yet faith needs only one great answer to even ten thousand how's. That answer is - GOD! Prayer without faith quickly degenerates into an aimless routine or heartless hypocrisy. However, prayer brings the omnipotence of God to the support of our petitions. Nothing lies beyond the reach of prayer except those things outside the will of God.

This is another reminder to me, to pray and believe that God will answer. We have to believe in order to receive. Lately I've been praying my specific requests, but also praying the psalms. There are some beautiful prayers within the psalms, ones you can memorize and recite at any moment. If I find myself feeling anxious, or afraid, or even not trusting God...I recite a psalm and my focus comes back to the Lord.

Yesterdays devotional was also encouraging to myself and to Erik..as we continue to wait.
The author says: "The Lord is my strength" to sit still. And what a difficult accomplishment that is. I often say to others during those times when I am compelled to be still, "If only I could do something!" What a severe test at times. Yet to do nothing except sit still and wait requires tremendous strength.

This seems to be a theme with me...sit still. Well that's what I'm doing and will continue to do because that's God's will for me right now. He's definitely made it clear!

The Lord is my strength.
Exodus 15:2

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. I pray that it is an encouragement and that God is using me through my words. Thank you again for your prayers, love, and support!

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