13 June 2011

Celebrating Babies!

Me and My Kristen.

Some of our dear friends from church gave us a day of pampering and celebrating our babies.

3 mommies! My dearest friends Kristen and Kristina.

What a beautiful day the Lord blessed us with. Kristen and I were blessed with a delicious brunch, wonderful fellowship, and pampering gifts for both us and babies. It's so fun to share this time with my dearest friend. I pray that our babies will be the best of friends, just like we are! It's so amazing to be supported and loved by so many godly women. All the ladies at the brunch have children of all ages and it's so fun to hear stories and get advice from each of them. It's also such a comfort to know that I have the support of these women as I raise my children and I know that they will be with me every step of the way!

"My peace I give you."
John 14:27

I've been feeling God's peace so much lately and I'm slowly burying my fears. God is continually reminding me of His presence and His peace that passes all my understanding. My study of David has been meaningful this week. Beth Moore says, "God loves us for a singular reason - He chooses to love us." I love that! He chose Me! It's such a simple phrase, but often the reminder that we need.

I will leave you with a poem from my daily devotional.

My peace I give in times of deepest grief,
Imparting calm and trust and My relief.

My peace I give when prayer seems lost, unheard;
Know that My promises are ever in My Word.

My peace I give when you are left alone -
The nightingale at night has sweetest tone.

My peace I give in times of utter loss,
The way of glory leads right to the cross.

My peace I give in agony and sweat,
For My own brow with bloody drops was wet.

My peace I give when there's but death for thee -
The gateway is the cross to get to Me.


My love to you all.

PS - I want to give a shout out to all my friends at Mo-Kan. I heard that some of you are reading my blog and I've seen some of your comments. I miss you all and think of you so often. I will have to come for a visit after the girls arrive! Love you all!


  1. Well. . .Mo-Kan loves you too!!! Jamie, I checked your blog this morning, caught up, then checked my FB and Erik had posted that you posted. . .you must have been posting as I was reading the ones I've missed. Too funny that you included Mo-Kan today of all days!!

    Your blog is amazing and I'm so excited for you and love reading how God is always calming your fears. Thanks for being honest with where you really are in this process of life instead of just putting on a "happy" face. Honest feelings help us know how to pray and we also get to witness God's provision!!

    We love you all so much! Thanks for letting us share your journey!
    Diane Thompson

  2. I am so happy that you have so many wonderful friends that love and support you! You are truly blessed. I know the time is getting very close for your special blessings from God to be born. But...can you remind me again of your due date? I want to count down with you. Love you so very much!

  3. We miss you too! It has never been the same since you left. I was telling someone just other day about how big of a baby I was about it.

    Can't wait to meet your girls and get to see you again!!!!