20 July 2011

35 Weeks!

Hey friends! The amazing pictures above were taken by a dear friend who is a wonderful photographer. I plan to continue to share more of the pictures on the blog. It was so fun to document this time in our lives and this God-ordained pregnancy!

I am officially 35 weeks....and the countdown is really on now. I had an ultrasound yesterday, my last one, and the girls look amazing. They are still both head down, so I can deliver naturally! They are healthy and strong, Hope now weighs 6lbs. 2oz. and Genevieve is 5lbs. 15oz. No wonder my belly feels so heavy, I have 12 lbs of little girls inside me. Is that amazing or what?! So these girls can come out any time now. My doctor also said that I will not have to do steroids for the girls lungs because after 34 weeks the lungs are fully developed. So that was exciting to hear. They continue to do well on all the non-stress tests. The pregnancy is progressing as it should be...Thank you Lord!

Erik and I are ready to see these babies. This pregnancy has been amazing and so wanted. However with so much build up and excitement, we are ready for our "happy ending". It feels like I've been pregnant forever, and I think it's getting harder because I've been on bed rest and now carrying extra weight my body is wearing out on me. This heat doesn't help matters either, why did this have to be the summer of extreme heat? No more complaining...now my focus needs to be on labor & delivery. I have this anxious excitement in the pit of my stomach when I think about delivering these girls. Then when I think about bringing them home I feel even more anxious....how will I know what to do with them? I hear how crazy it is learning with one baby, how do I do it with two babies? I know I will have tons of help and support....but I'm the mom and I really want to know what I'm doing. It's the fear of the unknown...who knows what it will look like with twins...what will my days look like....will they be good sleepers....will they nurse...???? AHHHHHHHH...I'm making myself crazy..hope I'm not making you all crazy. I'm sure these are questions many mothers ask themselves...please say they are. I just needed to get that off my chest. Now I need to give to the Lord and ask Him to equip me to be the mother he wants me to be. He blessed me with these girls, and He knows what I need! I will find my strength in Him!

Prayer Request:
Please be praying, as we get closer to delivery, for the health and safety of both the girls and myself. Also please pray for Erik and I as our emotions will be all over the place when I do go into labor. We are both nervous about what that will look like. With my first pregnancy, when we lost Ivy, my water broke first and I labored at home for several hours. It wasn't until we got to the hospital that we found out we had lost her and she would be stillborn. So the dilemma becomes, if my water breaks first this time, how will we react. It's like a soldier with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the flashbacks to Ivy's birth may hit us and cause major emotional issues. We both know that this delivery will be emotional regardless, there will be tears of joy and sadness. We would love your prayers and we know God will protect us.

Love to you all!


  1. All the best- I cannot wait to see the post that they have decided to join the outside world. You two are amazing and those photos are amazing. These are two of the luckiest children and they don't even know it yet. Again- all our love and thoughts and prayers. Angel Stoner

  2. Jamie, These are definitely fears every mother has at first, trust me though, once they are born you instinctively know what to do, I have no doubt you will be a great mother (as you already are, based on what I've read), things will come to you and it will all be ok. I wish you both (and the girls) all the best in the world, you definitely deserve it! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers! <3 Dawn Searles

  3. Am so excited for you. Can't see anything but AMAZING blessings ahead. Waiting, praying and counting the days with you.

    mary ellen

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  5. First: as soon as I saw the first photo I thought, "this should be on a Hallmark card"!! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL photo.
    Second: sweet Jamie, we are all scared and yes, your instincts kick right in. Please remember all the resources that are just a phone call away. I'm so glad the girls have stayed right where they are. I can't wait to see Erik post that the girls are here with a photo.
    You two are in my prayers daily. When labor comes, remember that He is with you. I pray that He pushes aside any fear you have and replaces it His love. I pray that the room be filled with the peace, joy, and excitement each new parent
    experiences. May our awesome Lord continue to watch over you and the girls, keeping them safe and sound. I pray that He will give you rest and that you are able to enjoy every kick, turn and hiccup before the girls make their much anticipated debut.
    Thank you so much for sharing such a personal journey and for being such a beautiful, positive example of a loving mother.
    With much love,

  6. Love the photos! We're continuing to pray for safe arrivals of Hope and Genevieve and peace of mind for Mom and Dad.

    Like Dawn said, your fears about taking care of your new babies is normal. Remember to reach out and ask for help and advice. You have so many family and friends anxious to lend a hand in any way (us included!), or just to listen or lend a shoulder to lean on when you need it.

  7. Praying for you all as you prepare for and experience bringing these precious girls into the world. It will be a day of mixed emotions that will bring healing and much, much joy!

    What beautiful photographs! :)

    Lindsey Carlson

  8. Prayers for you and Erik Jaime! All will be well! Can't wait to meet your little girls!
    Stacie Robertson