16 July 2011

Hanging in there!

Hi Friends! This picture was taken at our salon...oh how I love a relaxing hour at the salon. We got fun new haircuts! What a day we had on Friday...the morning started with our weekly doctor appointment, the doctor checked me and Hope's head continues to get lower...my cervix is now behind her head so he couldn't determine exact number of dilation, but progress is being made! I realize I can walk around for two more weeks being dilated, but it excites me to think my body is progressing as it should! After the doctor appointment we headed to our Non-stress test, where the girls did amazing as usual...heart rates are going up and down and movement is good. By the time the test was over I was ready for lunch so we went to Cheesecake Factory, my favorite. After lunch, I was pretty exhausted, so Erik cranked up the air in the van and we both took a short snooze for 20 minutes. Then we headed off to the salon for haircuts, which is always a treat. Finally we headed home after a long exhausting day. I love getting out, but this day was a bit exhausting...needless to say I did sleep well that night. I must mention the funny part of the afternoon. The girls were wild with movement all day long and at one point Erik had music playing on his IPhone and decided to set it on my top of my belly which is where Genevieve is, she went crazy it was so fun to watch my belly move around, she's our dancer. At times it was like she was moving to the beat...so much fun to see!

My Thoughts:
After I read your comments and even some of your personal emails, it brings me to tears to see how my life impacts other people. As I thought about this the other day and reflected I had to write down the following; When I see other people relating to our story or finding hope through it, I feel truly blessed that God is using me and my life for His purpose. I am living proof that God is at work. I've gone from utter despair after a tragedy to triumph over that tragedy. My suffering has not been meaningless.
How fitting that the last line of my devotional today was: As you walk close to Me, I can bless others through you.
That is exactly what this blog is doing, blessing others through me...me, Jamie Bayer....hard to imagine how God will use us, but I am incredibly blessed He Chose Me.

I continue to study David through the Beth Moore study. In studying this week I found great comfort as Beth reminded us to reflect on things God has done for us. Beth says; Reflecting on things worth remembering deepens our relationship with our Savior.

The following scripture references were given as reminders:
Remember the miracles of God long ago. Psalm 77:11
Remember how fleeting life is. Psalm 89:47
Remember the Lord's name at night. Psalm 119:55
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35
Thank God when you remember a fellow believer. Philippians 1:3

Remember...Be Thankful....Be Blessed. Come away with the Lord for awhile, it's worth every minute!

The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.
Song of Songs 2:13

Love to all of you. May you be encouraged today. Remember to keep pressing into Him, our suffering is never meaningless.

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