03 May 2011

24 Weeks and Baby Shower Fun!

Mom (Nana), Me, and Kate (my sissy and Auntie)

What a great weekend we had here at the Bayer house. We had beautiful weather on Saturday for our garage sale. We sold a lot of stuff and the rest went to the goodwill. I was able to sit outside for a bit and meet some new neighbors and enjoy the weather. Sunday was our baby shower/open house. We did the shower as an open house because with me on bed rest it seemed the easiest option. It worked out great. My mom and sis did all the food and decor and made it a special day for us. We had a steady stream of friends and family for 3-4 hours and we got a lot of fun gifts, lots of adorable clothing and some much needed items. We really enjoyed visiting with everyone and seeing so many friends we hadn't seen in quite some time. Check out the pictures below that my sis took .

The table beautifully decorated with delicious cupcakes made by the master baker..my sister!

An up close look at the cupcakes....pink icing of course for the babies!

You want one don't you?? I have some at my house...but I am not someone who shares my food. Haha!

The yummy food. My sister made a delicious mango salsa and strawberry lemonade.

A view of the decorations with my mom as the model. Isn't she lovely!

A side view that of course shows off how thin my sis and mom are compared to my large belly. Why did we take this photo? Is this supposed to make me feel good? haha! That belly means my girls are growing...I wouldn't trade it!

Bed Rest Book Club
So at my shower, a dear friend of my mom's (and mine!), gave me the book Heaven is for Real. This had been a recommendation for me to read and I was excited to have a copy. Well I've already finished it and it was amazing. I highly highly recommend everyone read it. It's an easy read with deep spiritual insight that will make you cry and smile and long for heaven even more. For me, my view of death changed when we lost Ivy. Elizabeth Edwards once said, "When you put a child in the ground, death no longer seems scary." That statement became true for me. Not that I was ever scared of heaven, just the idea of death is such an unknown. But when we lost our baby Ivy I knew she was in heaven with Jesus and a new longing for heaven came over me. If she was in heaven...then I wanted to be there with her and my Savior! Of course not wanting to die right now, but whenever Jesus calls me home.
The boy who went to heaven in the book tells his parents that he saw his sister in heaven. His mom had a miscarriage, but the little boy had never known about it. He was telling them that baby was a girl and she was in heaven. What a comforting thought and vision. The way he describes Jesus is also so beautiful. As he talked about his sister in the book I just had visions of Ivy in heaven, sitting in Jesus' lap and enjoying eternity. He has many more stories and amazing visions that make you love God more and more and long for heaven in a new way. A must read!

Have a blessed day!

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